Tactical Pens

If you’re preparing an emergency kit, you need to make sure that you include a tactical pen. Tactical pens have many great benefits in emergency kits.

Writing Implement

Writing ImplementIf you have a tactical pen, you always have a writing implement handy. You can use it to sign documents, write notes to yourself and others and for any other reason that you would use a pen.

They work very smoothly like a normal pen and are refillable like many pens on the market today. You won’t be sorry if you have one of these handy in your gear.



Glass Breaker

Glass Breaker PenIf you’ve ever been stuck in a car that is sinking in the water or the doors won’t open, you’ll appreciate that you have something to break the window open with.

You can use the pen to get out of the car and if you’re an emergency responder, you can use it to break into a car and help someone. Every car should have one of these pens and every emergency responder should have one on hand as well.




Self-Defense Weapon

The pointed end of the tactical pen can be used against an attacker. It’s an ideal item to have on hand if you’re walking in the dark at night and need just a little something to protect yourself.

No one is going to think that this pen is a self-defense weapon. You can learn how to use this against a would-be attacker and protect yourself.

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High-Quality Materials

Tactical pens are made from a form of steel, alloy or aluminum and are all of a high-quality material. This material won’t rust and it’s very stylish.

Durable and strong they’ll last for a very long time and you won’t have to spend a lot to replace them when you do need to replace them.




Ideal For Doomsday Preppers

Tactical Pens for Doomsday PreppersIf you’re a doomsday prepper you’ll want to add several of these to your emergency kit. Everyone in your group should have at least one of these on hand at all times.

Small enough to tuck into a purse, backpack and put in every car’s glove box, you’ll want to have many of these on hand to keep you and your family safe. Train the kids how to use these in an emergency and you’ll have a good weapon on hand at all times.



Readily available online and in some brick and mortar stores where you can buy weapons, you’ll appreciate the quality and construction that go into these.

Focus on how they can save your life in any emergency situation and you’ll be ahead of the game.

No emergency kit will be complete without at least one of these in the kit. Ideal for everyone in your backpacking party, camping group and doomsday prepper group you’re sure to appreciate how great these are for all emergency situations.

Affordable and stylish they look great just sitting on your desk but work double duty as a tactical pen. No one needs to know what your pen is capable of.